Thursday Night League   Thu 5/18 - Thu 8/17

Description: For 2023, we are playing at Willow Hill. We have 2 teams playing in their Thursday Night League, with a 5:30 shotgun each week. We are targeting 20 players for the 2 teams, with 8 playing each week.
Course: Winnetka Golf Club
Entry Fee: $20
Chairman: Brad Upperman

We are happy to continue the Thursday Night League in 2023 with a lot of changes:

The Thursday Night League (TNL) is was introduced in 2018, and had great participation and support, so we kept it going in 2019. There was no event in 2020 due to COVID. But returned in 2021 and 2022.  The league results tab for 2018, 2019 and 2021 results further below. 

Here's how it  will work in 2023

  • We are playing in the Willow Hill Thursday Night League. They have a 5:30 shotgun each week. 
  • We will have 2 teams (Oaks and Elms, just like the Winnetka Cup) . We are trying to get 20 guys who want to play on a team; 8 will play each week. 
  • Running Team scores will be tabulated throughout the season.


  • We have 2 teams. We will play each week in the Willow Hill format for that week.
  • Each team must designate a Team Captain. The Team Captain is responsible for setting weekly match lineup's of his team - 4 players each week.
  • Cost is $20 per player. 
  • We will not  have team Payouts; Willow Hill has some prizes for the season long competition. We will track results, and tie it into the Winnetka Cup ongoing event.
  • You must be a current member of the Winnetka Men’s Club to participate in TNL. 


  • Willow Hill has food and drink available after each weekly event.