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Need 1 on saturdays at heritage oaks. 9:10 am.
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Looking for a 4th for 2024 permanent tee time at Sunset Valley Sundays at 5:48 am. So far it's me, Troy Finnigan and Jeremy Neisewander. Perfect time if you have young kids!
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As the 2023 Golf Season comes  to a Close..

The Men's Club Board has begun planning for the 2024 season, which will start out at other courses , but return to the renovated Winnetka Golf Club around August 1. Stayed tuned for more details.

Winnetka Cup Season ending event was held on Saturday October 7 at Willow Hill; the Oaks took it to the Elms 21 1/2 to 9 1/2

One a cool , windy Fall day , we concluded the season with the final Winnetka Cup event of the year with 16 players. The Oaks were impressive this day ( click here for results), winning 21 1/2 to 9 1/2.

The Oaks also won the June event, so they are the winners in 2023. The annual event is now tied at 3 wins each.

After golf, we had the year end dinner and awards. Fun was had by all. Thanks again to John Llewellyn for conducting the raffle.

Update on Golf Course Rennovation: 18 Hole course complete; now the grow in Phase.

They  are making great progress.  The seeding was completed in early October on the 18 hole course. Update pictures are posted in the gallery, including pictures of Lake Winnetka on holes 17 ans 18 Full!
I took the Saturday 9/9 tour with Matt and the 10/8 tour with Andrew; the course is going to be awesome! If you have not signed up for a tour in October, sign up now!
  • New  sand is inall of the bunkers. This will allow it to settle over the next 12 months.
  • All of the equipment is off the course
  • The  water is flowing from the retention tanks (under Duke Chld Field) thru the par 3 to the 18 hole course. The irrigation ponds on 2 and 5 are being used extensively to water the course. As these ponds are drawn down, the water in new lakes on 17 and 18 can be pumped to the irrigation ponds.

We will continue to post picture updates to the Gallery (in the top toolbar) . 

To follow the Contractor timeline on the Project (which was last  updated in September by the Village) , click here. It identifies the work completed the prior week, and the focus of the current week. 


Match Play has been completed (almost).

Only 1 match remains to be played. Congratulations to all the winners. See below for the summary of the results.

Winnetka Men's Golf Club Plan for 2024

Our golf course may be closed, but the Men's Club  continued with activities in 2023 ( Here is the plan for 2023).  The Board has started working on a plan for 2024, which will be posted to the website in the 1st quarter 2024.


Course our Members are playing in 2023

Click here to see a list of where our members have lottery times in 2023.  There is also a list of players who want to be contacted if one of these groups has an opening. 

As we have information about 2024 , we will post it here,


Important Milestones in the Golf Course Rennovation:

Men's Club Gift card Balances  

Here is the list of balances as of October 10, 2022. Spend your balances in the Pro Shop. We will post updates as we learn more on what will be available going forward.

Are You New to the Area and Looking for a great Place and Group of Guys to Play Golf With? Join The Winnetka Mens Golf Club! Click here to find out more.



Winnetka Golf Club course construction and drawings:

These are the latest drawings and overviews we have (which are from early 2022)