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The Golf Course Project has commenced, with the 18 hole course closed on November 1. We will post ongoing updates.

  • The work has started .

  • Kemper Sports has been hired to oversee the rennovation, and manage the course; more details will follow

  • We are waiting for a date when the course architect will give a presentation on the project.

  • To follow the Village and contractor timeline on the project, click here. It is updated weekly, and provides great insight into the project.

Men's Club Gift card Balances  

here is the list of balances as of October 10, 2022. Spend your balances in the Pro Shop

2022 Club Championship: Jeff Werstak repeats as Champion; John Nyhan captures the Senior Championship, and also low Net

The 2022 Club Championship was held Saturday and Sunday, Aug 27-28. We had great conditions Saturday, but a rainy start to Sunday. That did not phase the golf competition!

Our 2022 Club Champion is Jeff Werstak . He beat James Lawrence in a 5 hole, gripping playoff to claim the trophy.  Both players played great over the weekend, tying on the 36th hole with a gross score of 158. Jeff's win puts his name on the trophy for the 2nd straight year. 

Our Net and Senior Champion is John Nyhan. John played great this weekend. In fact he was the only player to post net under par rounds both days. Clarke Gagliardi and Bill Sholten tied for 2nd in the Senior Championship. Clarke also finished 2nd Net, followed closely by Paul Manley in 3rd. 

Everyone had a great time playing. Jon Kunkle as always ran a great event, and like the captain on a sinking ship, was the last man standing on the 19th hole!

Golf Course Rennovation Project

To follow the Village timeline on the project, click here. It is updated weekly with the work to be done that week. 

1) The  Par 3 closed on Monday, July  18 (see picture) .

  • Work has begun on the Par 3 and the fields along Willow and Hibbard.  This is the 1st part of the Village water abatement project.
  • On Thursday, August 18, trees began to be removed on the Par 3

2) Now that  they have started, the golf course portion needs to be done, since that is where much of the water  will go.  This should begin around November 1.

3) At some point , there will be a presentation from the architect, Rick Jacobson. As we know more, we will let you know.  The drawings and concepts from early 2022 are shown below.

4) The Winnetka Park District Board in July chose Kemper Golf to mange the golf course. We will update this as we learn more.

Elms take the season long Winnetka Cup competition. 

See the Winnetka Cup tab for for full results for the year. Here is a Summary of the 2022 competition.

Match Play Competitions

All Match Play events for 2022 have been completed. See the brackets for the final results.

Weekly Events

Weekly events for 2022 have been completed. Bill Sholten won the season long money list handily over Jeff Werstak and the rest of the field. 

Thursday Night League

That Was a Really Good Double" won both the 1st half ( with 64 points) and the 2nd half (with 64 points) to capture the title. Red Eyes, Green Jackets finished 2nd. 

Pace of Play Guidelines

The Board started working on simple Pace of Play guidelines over the Winter to help the golf course move along. They are attached.  Let us know if you have any questions or comments.  Most course have guidelines like these.


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Winnetka Golf Club course construction and drawings:

These are the latest drawings and overviews we have (which are from early 2022)