Oberman Cup   Mon 5/6 - Mon 9/30

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Seeds Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
1Steve Crane / Jonathan Kunkle #1
16 Bye / Bye
8Dan Foley / Tim Ratty#2
9James Barrett / Blake Batterson
4John Llewellyn / Paul Manley #3
13 Bye / Bye
5Stuart Cutler / John Swierk#4
12 Bye / Bye
2Jeffrey Clennon / Bill Sholten #5
15 Bye / Bye
7Jeff Werstak / Patrick Dowdle #6
10Nigel Bell / Paul Van Zuiden
3Jordan Tasse / Troy Finnigan#7
14 Bye / Bye
6Jon Morse / Bob Baxter #8
11 Bye / Bye
Steve Crane / Jonathan Kunkle #9
James Barrett / Blake Batterson
John Llewellyn / Paul Manley #10
Stuart Cutler / John Swierk
Jeffrey Clennon / Bill Sholten #11
Jordan Tasse / Troy Finnigan#12
Jon Morse / Bob Baxter

Scoring Records

Winner Runner-Up Score Round Match# Date
Jon Morse / Bob Baxter RUNNER UP: Bye / Bye SCORE: BYE ROUND: 1 MATCH#: 8 05/13/2024
Jordan Tasse / Troy Finnigan RUNNER UP: Bye / Bye SCORE: ROUND: 1 MATCH#: 7 05/13/2024
Jeffrey Clennon / Bill Sholten RUNNER UP: Bye / Bye SCORE: ROUND: 1 MATCH#: 5 05/13/2024
Stuart Cutler / John Swierk RUNNER UP: Bye / Bye SCORE: ROUND: 1 MATCH#: 4 05/13/2024
John Llewellyn / Paul Manley RUNNER UP: Bye / Bye SCORE: ROUND: 1 MATCH#: 3 05/12/2024
James Barrett / Blake Batterson RUNNER UP: Dan Foley / Tim Ratty SCORE: 1up ROUND: 1 MATCH#: 2 05/23/2024
Steve Crane / Jonathan Kunkle RUNNER UP: Bye / Bye SCORE: Bye ROUND: 1 MATCH#: 1 05/08/2024
Description: Two Man Net Better Ball match Play
Course: Winnetka Golf Club
Award: Cash to Winner and Runner-up based on number of entrants.
Entry Fee: $30
Chairman: John Nyhan
Email: Johnnyhan@okeefe-law.com
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Registration: Opens approximately March 1st and closes approximately  April 30th.

Description & Format: It is a Two Man Net Better Ball match play format. The three higher handicap players receive 100% of the differential (rounded to the nearest whole number) of their Course Handicap vs. the Course Handicap of the player with the lowest handicap, who then plays from scratch. All players will play from the Blue tees, unless they meet the age plus handicap ruling which entitles them to play from the White tees. This tournament is named after long time Men's Club member, Ike Oberman, who passed away in June of 2008.

Entry & qualifying: This event is open to all Men's Club members. Sign up is on the website.

Schedule: Draws will be posted on the bulletin board and the website. Players must self-arrange their matches at a mutually agreed time to meet the deadlines published on the draw sheets. Each player is required to promptly contact his opponent to schedule competitions. In accordance with USGA rules 6-3 and 33-3, if a round is not played by the scheduled date, the two players will be penalized, and if necessary, defaulted according to the Match Play Guide.

Ties: Ties will be broken based on sudden death playoff. Check with the starter before teeing off on either the 1st or 10th hole, according to which tee causes the least disruption to play.

Tee Markers: All players play from the blue tee markers.

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