2022 Weekly Events

Played Tues - Sun

Net Division - Birdies or Better    - Wed 9/1

Description: Year long birdies or better challenge - net (w/ handicap) division. The goal is to birdie every hole throughout the summer. Your scorecards are placed in the Men's Club box in the clubhouse.
Course: Winnetka Golf Club
Entry Fee: $10
Chairman: Jon Kunkle
Email: jonathan.kunkle@gmail.com

This is a year long event where you are trying to make a net birdie or better on every hole.  Every round you play is eligible for the birdie challenge, provided you are playing with another men's club member (or TNL member) who will serve as a witness.   Your strokes fall based upon your daily world handicap (based on the tees played) and the hole ratings.  The lowest 18 hole scores at the end of the year win and par is granted on all 18 holes.    

Specific rules:

  • You only need to record the first net birdie you make on the hole; subsequent, repeat birdies don't better your score (e.g. once, you make and record a birdie on hole #1, you don't need to enter a second birdie made later in the year on hole #1).   However, if you make an eagle on a hole, enter that to lower your score on that hole.
  • Figure out where your strokes fall based on your daily handicap; if you can't figure this out, ask the staff professional
  • Your men's club playing partner can give you the putt for the birdie or eagle, provided it's "in the leather."
  • You record the score by sumbitting your scorecard in the Mens Club box in the Clubhouse.  For each under par score, circle it  on the scorecard on the correct hole (just like any other event scorecard,  add a date, and the witness name (legible) and have them sign it).
  • Since you're granted par, you're only trying to score birdies or better.  Don't post pars...
  • 18 net birdies would be a score of 53.
  • The challenge is open from May 1 to Sep 1.
  • Players can participate in net, gross or both. 

The two net winners will join the two gross winners and the club president in a 5 man team playing against the professional staff in a Ryder Cup formatted one day event sometime in September.   If a player can't join or we have a player in the top two in both categories, one of the 3rd place players will get the call.  Ties will be decided by the back 9 score, then front 9 score, and if it's still tied - by total number of eagles. The funds collected will be used to fund the gambling and beer for the cup players and spectators.

Good luck and 'live under par!'