Frequently Asked Questions

For most events, you log in and click on Register. That page shows events currently open for registration and upcoming events. We send out weekly emails during the season to remind you to sign up for events.

Absolutely not! Nearly half our members live in the surrounding suburbs and many make the trek from downtown to Chicago to play at one of the best public courses on the North Shore.

Once again, no. Most Men's Club members do have a season's pass because it offers good value, and having a set tee time on either or Saturday or Sunday is helpful, but not necessary. Information about the Winnetka Park District tee time lottery is available at

You are eligible to play in all weekly events and tournaments and come to the Spring and Fall Dinners. More details are available at about us.

Yes, and your $130 membership fee includes your CDGA handicap membership, which is a $15 discount off the $40 fee charged by the CDGA. If you obtained your CDGA handicap from the CDGA website, your annual dues are $90.

Members may enter a weekly event either on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday of the designated week (also includes Mondays of extended Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends). You must play with at least one other Men's Club member to attest your score. For more details, see Rules.

Yes, the entry fee for each match play event is $15 ($30 for partners in the Oberman Cup). For more details, check the Match Play Guide.

Log in, and then click on Member Profile. If the correct CDGA number is not shown, add it. Your name will be on the next handicap revision (assuming that your handicap is managed by Winnetka Golf Club).

This is a foundation run by the CDGA which conducts golf events and activities for golfers of all ages with special needs. The Winnetka Golf Club is an active participant in this wonderful program. Members can donate to Sunshine Through Golf  when they renew their annual membership, or at any other time during the year.